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Why Absolute HRMS?

HR Management plays a crucial role in the success of any organization

we have worked with hundreds of clients to identify their needs and deploy HRMS solutions that address their pain, streamline workflows, increase efficiency and it directly effect the bottom line.

Why Absolute ?

Reasons why you should consider Absolute HRMS

HR Analytics

HR are not limited to doing Human Resource tasks within the company but are meant to play the larger roles in strategic planning, offering guidance , decision making and support to the management team, analyzing & interpreting available HR data has become very important.

Single Product Focus

We are a Pure vendor with single product focus. We have domain experts and researchers with vision and focus to continuously add value to absolute hrms.


Absolute is a product of Proglogix Research & Development Pvt Ltd. We have established our wings in 20+ countries in very short span of time.

Modular Deployment

Our modular nature allows you to have the choice of specific modules, instead of the entire suite. This flexibility helps in answering specific needs and reduces the costs of the product.

User Friendliness

Absolute providing user friendly interface along with virtual tour option which helps you to understand it in better way. You don’t have to hire professionals on your payroll to operate it and to teach others. As it can be operated by anybody.

Domain Knowledge

Absolute product is being used by companies belonging to 10 different verticals like Manufacturing, Construction, Packaging, FMCG, IT/ITES etc. This enabled us to incorporate some of the HR best-practices of these verticals in the product.

Quick Implementation

It does not take years to implement Abolute in your organization as it is completing a web based hrms software. With disciplined project management and Absolute Roll-out Methodology, We are able to ensure that your HR Team can quickly realize the value of investment and make that strategic shift in role.


Absolute also provide customization as per your organization need. We customize absolute to suit needs of an organization's HR processes.

Knowledge Transfer

Training for Absolute is conducted by our trained professionals by online. In certain locations we also provide training at your premises.


Absolute support services are managed own inhouse team, not by a third party. This ensures quick response and efficient issue management.


Absolute is available at the low cost amongst comparable systems.


Our product is being used by 150 customers and over 1,50,000 users. Many of our clients have chosen Absolute over other leading ERP-based HR software systems because Absolute fits into their business requirements more appropriately.

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