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Talent Development

Nowadays every organization is doing investment in the development of employee talent & it is critical to the sustainability of your organization.

By providing the training & development programs not only improves your operating effectiveness, it also helps you in creating bunch of talent within the organisation.

Absolute Talent Development solution brings you the best features:

Create Courses:
You can create multiple types of courses and even upload training materials! This module allows you to choose, relevant departments, locations, etc.

Faculty Management:
We offer you to keep the record of external training development vendor , including your vendor’s cost , communication details, experience, skills, etc.

Courses Scheduling/Cancelling:
Training administrators can schedule, reschedule or cancel course. Administration will have a facility to create a group of employees who will join the training program. Employees can also self nominate there self & managers also have a facility to nominate them on their behalf depending on how the course has been created.

On every course creation course venue details and other related information will get reflected in employee-self-service. If employee has participated in any course an auto reminder will be send via email & will be visible on dashboard.


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