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Some of the companies allow employees to claim for expenses they have made, which may include travel allowances, medical reimbursements, local conveyance during travel, etc.

Reimbursement claims can be submitted by employees directly itself. Claim will automatically route to get approvals from higher-ups, depending on the position of the employee in the organization hierarchy and the policy/rules defined.

You can effectively handle these claims processing through Absolute reimbursement module.

Reimbursement types

Create the types of reimbursements that you would process for your employees.


Employees can submit their claim by choosing the reimbursement types and have to fill in all the necessary information and upload necessary documentation to request and process their claims.

Reimbursement Approval System

Claim approval request will automatically route to the particular employee department head or Team Manager.

Processed for payroll

Once claim is approved from the respective approvers of team member it will automatically processed for payroll.


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