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Leave Management

Absoulte leave management module allows employees to manage the full life-cycle of leave management process.

It handles employee requests for leave and vacation seamlessly. It can integrate with the attendance machine to ensure accuracy of payroll calculations. It also provide employees the ability to view their balance of leaves & they can plan their time off appropriately.

Absolute Leave Management solution brings you the best features:

Leave Type Management:
You can set leave types as per your organization policy.

Leave Status Management:
Multiple leave status can be set which will shown on the leave approval system.

Define Employee Leave:
You can easily set no of leaves allow in a month to particular employee.

Create Leave Request:
Employees can request for the leave via employee-self-service login.

Leave Request Status:
Request of leave will get automatically trigger and the status of the leave request can be tracked by the employees.

Available leave balances:
Employee can view their own leave balances vie employee-self-service. It will reduces the administrative burden of the HR organization.

En-cash Leave:
Absolute Leave Management module supports the ability for encashment of leave depending on the organization policies


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